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Quality, Choice and Technical Expertise

Australian Rubber & Plastics is your leading source for quality plastic products. Whether it be an item that is the same or similar to the products in our standard catalogues, or a design that is specific to your needs and application, we can provide a solution.
Modern plastic moulding machines and polymer processing methods are applied to all facets of our operations. With extensive experience in injection moulding, specialty extrusions, as well as FRAS (fire resistant antistatic) components, a comprehensive variety of product design options are readily accessible.


  • Poultry feeder components

Automotive and Heavy Vehicles;

  • Custom products to client specifications

Bulk Materials Handling;

  • Shaft seals - rotating/stationary
  • Custom products to client specifications

Building and Construction;

  • Custom products to client specifications

General Purposes Products;

  • Custom products to client specifications

Manual Handling;

  • Selection of wheels, tyres, castors
  • Warehouse trolleys and ladders


  • Watercraft covers, plugs and seals

Plumbing and Fluids Handling;

  • Gaskets, seals and o-rings
  • Grey and waste systems seals
  • Valve diaphragms

Power Transmission;

  • Custom products to client specifications

Retail Products;

  • Trolley components
  • Baskets, carry and wheelie

Transport and Earthmoving;

  • Custom products to client specifications

Custom Products;

  • Basket Buffers

    Basket Buffers
  • Dome End Caps

    Dome End Caps
  • Flexible Plastic Design Solutions

    Flexible Plastic Design Solutions
  • Sealing Rings

    Sealing Rings
  • Custom Products

    Custom Products
  • Caps, Collars, Spacers

    Caps, Collars, Spacers
  • Precision Threads

    Precision Threads
  • Retail Equipment Handles

    Retail Equipment Handles