Proficient and Dependable

Australian Rubber & Plastics has a depth of professional expertise to deliver industry best practice design solutions and project mangement services.

Flexible Design Solutions        

  1. Helping to bring your new product ideas to life!                        
  2. Innovate and transform your exisitng products.                        
  3. Product conception and design review                        
  4. Development of product specification                        
  5. Material definition and selection                        
  6. Toolmaking, design and manufacture                        
  7. Prototype manufacture to full production                        
  8. Component specification and procurement                        


  1. Rubber mould design and manufacture
  2. Plastic die design and manufacture                      
  3. Single and multiple cavity moulds and dies                       
  4. 2D drafting and 3D computer modelling                       
  5. Modern machine shop with CNC technology                       
  6. EDM spark erosion machinery                        

Laboratory and CMM                            

  1. Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  2. In-house testing equipment                        
  3. Testing in accordance to the applicable standards                        

Products Assembly and Packaging                            

  1. Production line assembly of finished goods                        
  2. Customer supply and Australain Rubber & Plastics components                        

Stock Management and Warehousing                            

  1. Third party logistics management
  2. Undercover warehousing, storage and distribution

Product Research and Development                            

  1. Emerging market opportunities                        


  • Flexible Design Solutions

    Flexible Design Solutions
  • Mould and Die Manufacture

    Mould and Die Manufacture
  • Laboratory Testing and CMM

    Laboratory Testing and CMM
  • Bespoke and Custom Design

    Bespoke and Custom Design